The harmful effects of cell phone use analyzed by the National Institute on Drug Abuse

This new video shows USA launch research about Electromagnetic fields

State-funded research in the USA has proven that cellphones influences the activity of the brain to a significant extent. After 50 min exposure to a cellphone, the metabolism of the brain was increased in the areas close to the phone. The resarch was done by the National Institute on Drug Abuse, see video below:

Here are some brain scan images from this study, taken as snapshots from the above video:

The scan to the left shows the brain after mobile phone exposure. The more red color the more brain cell activity (indicated by increased glucose metabolism). There is a general increase and especially so on the right side where the mobile phone was. Compare with the scan to right taken when mobile was off.

The scan to the left shows that the side that was exposed to the mobile phone (right side) was more activated (orange and green color) than the other side. Compare to the scan to the right, taken when the mobile phone was off.

Dr Nora Volkow, the lead author of the study, said that as a consequence of this study (from an ABC interview posted by a Swedish newspaper « Så påverkar mobiltelefonen din hjärna »):

« I must admit that after seeing the results I changed my way of using the mobile phone and always use a loudspeaker or handsfree » (translation of the text below)



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